GREY SPEEDO BOY in High Resolution

all pics are aprox. in 1600X3000 resolution

17 Responses to “GREY SPEEDO BOY in High Resolution”

  1. yeah grey spedoo boy is tyhe ultimate
    just love him

  2. Klasse !

  3. I knew you’d come up with these high rez images. This boy is the Johan Paulik of the 21st Century! Are there more?


  4. awesome thanks, love the blog keep up the great work

  5. art lover Says:

    I just fell head over heels in love with grey speedo boy. I hope you have more photos of him and put them up in the natural way you did these last shots. Please show more of him in the future or mabey you can getin touch with me at my e-mail. Keep up the hot hotties i just love yoour taste. he has thighs to die for.

  6. […] GREY SPEEDO BOY in High Resolution December 2007 5 comments 3 […]

  7. I don’t think they are actually Speedos, look at the little motif/logo and it’s NOT the Speedo motif/logo It has a heart with a small ‘m’ below it

  8. robinkcm Says:

    anyone knows his name?

  9. Extremely sexy boy

  10. quanto sei bono! :Q___

  11. His name is Pedro from Mexico. He was an exchange student and has since moved back to his native country. He looks nothing like the 2004 images. You would be disappointed if you saw recent pictures of him.

    Scott Stanford

  12. Really very attractive,model material,it’s nice to see good looking people.

  13. “GREY SPEEDO BOY in High Resolution | EYECATCHER”
    ended up being a superb posting. If merely there were even more websites like this specific one in the actual net.
    Regardless, many thanks for ur precious time, Janine

  14. Jackson Says:

    @Scott Stanford What does he look like now? A link with pictures would be nice. And thanks for the photos!

  15. He’s still looking very fine indeed. I have 2 photos of him a few years later and he’s still gorgeous

  16. Scott Stanford has many speedo pics and you can probably find GSB there.

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