21 JAN 2013

Dear viewers, I will need to make a break in posting because I will be hospitalized tomorrow, probably by the end of next week I will be able to make new posts and I hope to find you all back, in the meantime enjoy the archives …. take care !

3 Responses to “21 JAN 2013”

  1. Take care of yourself. Hope all goes well for you.


    Al DeHosse

  2. Dear friend, you can be sure to find us back, and we shall be impatient to see you again, so much because it will mean that all's well that ends well for you, that for the qualities of the updates of your three blogs.
    It's my fault, and I am ashamed to have forgotten to wish you a marvellous new year.
    But perhaps is it not too late?
    Kindest regards.

  3. Nice post! Will Grant, the one riding a bike, is really hot. And Ramon Puñet too! He lives in Madrid, and he's the one with black and white boxer in the beach, from XTG

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